Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team

In putting together this Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team I've tried to identify businesses that have provided reliable, high quality service to my clients in the past. It is my hope this information will be useful to homeowners, buyers and sellers such as yourself. The businesses listed here (and I do update and expand the list from time to time) are separate entities and do not pay any fee or bonus related to my web site or for being included as a member of my Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team. I provide this list as a courtesy to you as one of the services that I provide on an ongoing basis to my clients but I can offer no warranty regarding the quality or reliability of the goods and/or services provided by any of the Ontario Real Estate Companies Team members. I can only assure you that each of the Team members has an excellent track record for service and quality and that's why they're included as members. Please remember that I do appreciate your feedback, good and otherwise, because I want to keep the very best people on the Team in order to serve you better, and don't forget to tell them that you are phoning because they are members of my Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team!!

Real Estate Lawyer

Mark Dudzic (Dudzic Barristers & Solicitors)

T: 905-528-54251
E: mark@dudziclaw.com
105 Main St. E., Suite 1014, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G6

Mortgage Lender

James Loewen Group

James Loewen

T: 289-337-4029
E: info@loewengroup.ca

Home Inspector

Pillar To Post

Andrew McCarthy

T: 289-337-0833             

E:  andrewmccarthy@pillartopost.com 


Falla Cartage & Movers Ltd.

(ask for Wendy Cardwell)

T: 905-544-1744
E: info@fallamovers.ca
W: www.fallamovers.ca

Dry Basement Specialists

Omni Basement Systems

Pete Karreman

T: 905-296-6664
E: Pete.Karreman@omnibasementsystems.com
W: www.omnibasementsystems.com
95 Frid Street, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4M3

Home Renovations and Repairs

The Renovators

  • Licensed Contractor (City of Hamilton)
  • Licensed Master of Repairs & Renovations (City of Hamilton)
  • Fully insured for your protection.
  • Call Robert (Bob) Haines*

T: 905-869-8893
E: bobhaines8893@yahoo.ca

Financial Investments, Consulting and Advice

Manulife Securities

Christina Graham             
E: christinagraham@bellnet.ca    W: www.manulife.ca                

(to preserve those special memories of home and family)

Mike Lalich

T: 905-578-2434
E: mike@imagescene.ca
W: www.imagescene.ca


In addition to my Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team, I am also providing a list of other services that you may find useful. As indicated above with my Ontario Real Estate Companies Transaction Team, no warranty regarding quality or reliability is expressed or implied by inclusion on this list, it is provided merely as a courtesy. As always, I appreciate your feedback regarding any of these businesses that you deal with.

Home Insurance

McCallum & Misale Insurance

T: 905-318-9093

TD Canada Trust Insurance

Title Insurance

First Canadian Title Company

T: 905-287-3122
W: www.firstcanadiantitle.com

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Environmental Inspections and Remediation
(UFFI, Mould, Asbestos, Radon, Lead in Paint, Electromagnetic Fields)


T: 905-312-0700

Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

T: 905-577-6206
W: www.pinchin.com

Green Tech Energy Audit

T: 905-329-4383 (CELL)

Green Venture

T: 905-540-8787 ext #21
E: ecoenergy@greenventure.ca

Structural Engineers

Carmazan Engineering Inc.

T: 905-648-5731

Group Eight Engineering Ltd.

T: 905-525-6069
W: www.group8eng.com

L. H. Schwindt & Co. Inc.

T: 905-63-9040
W: www.LHS.on.ca


A.T. McLaren Limited

B.A. Jacobs Surveying Ltd.

T: 905-521-1535

A.J. Clarke & Associates

T: 905-528-8761
E: ajc@ajclarke.com
W: www.ajclarke.com

L.G. Woods Surveying Inc.

T: 905-627-0978


McCallum Sather Architects

T: 905-526-6700
W: www.mccallumsather.com

Garwood-Jones & Hanham

T: 905-540-8889

Lorne Haverty Ltd.

T: 905-546-1600

Karp Namisniak Yammoto

T: 905-639-6595